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Embracing a Hybrid and Multi-cloud World with Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi Community Friends!

In case you missed it earlier today, Garth Fort, our Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer for Splunk shared a thoughtful and detailed post about Splunk Enterprise and Splunk's ever-evolving support for our customers, whether their environments reside on-premises, in the cloud, or span hybrid models. 

I especially love how Garth makes mention of Splunk's "commitment to our customers’ success with ongoing investments in Splunk Enterprise, which will continue to be a core pillar of our evolving hybrid platform strategy" and that "our focus has always been, and will remain, adding value to enterprise customers across the spectrum of environments of the hybrid cloud." 

So one big takeaway: On premises? We got you. Totally cloud? Totally covered. Making the shift to cloud in part or whole? We'll be here shifting with you, and Splunk Enterprise will support you, on every step of that journey. Garth also brings attention to just a few of our capabilities that support your hybrid experience, as well as to our growing partner ecosystem to enhance and extend those capabilities even further. 

So if you haven't already, give Garth's post a read, and know that every investment we make is toward ensuring the success of all of our customers, with a data platform for your hybrid worlds. 

Questions or comments? Shout us out in the comments below!

- Judith Silverberg-Rajna, Product Marketing Manager

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