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Dynamic Links from Alerts to IM Navigators - New in Observability Cloud

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Splunk continues to improve the troubleshooting experience in Observability Cloud with this latest enhancement to the Alerts modal within Observability Cloud. Users will no longer have to create or maintain their own data links to aid troubleshooting. Now, alerts with matching Infrastructure Monitoring metrics and properties will include a dynamic link to the matching Infrastructure Monitoring navigator with time and entity filters already applied. This will transfer the alert context to the navigator and help lessen the time to identify the root cause of infrastructure-related incidents. 

Alert to Navigator in One Click


The new infrastructure links are dynamic and are fetched at the time of inspection once you open the Alert modal. If the alert metrics or metadata matches that of an existing navigator, a link will be generated in the Explore Further section of the open Alert modal. A link can be generated to both built-in and custom navigators. 

Depending on the metadata available in the alert, the infrastructure link can take you to: 

  • An aggregate view of the matching navigator
  • An aggregate view of the matching navigator with filters applied, or 
  • A single instance of a matching navigator

If there is no navigator match, a link will not be generated.

Example Experiences

Alert to Single Instance: EC2


Alert to Aggregate View: Kafka Consumers


Explore our product documentation to learn more

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