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splunklib.client after importing logs my_app logs in splunkd.log

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Im using splunklib.client to encrypt the password as -

import splunklib.client as splunk_client
def save_pass(session_key ):
    args = {'token': session_key, 'app': "my_app"}
    service = splunk_client.Service(**args)
    for storage_password in service.storage_passwords:
        if storage_password.username == username and storage_password.realm == realm:
            return storage_password.content.clear_password

Now when I making an API call the INFO logging which is logging into the my_app.log is also logged in the splunkd.log as -

05-22-2018 17:02:48.102 +0530 ERROR ExecProcessor - message from "python /opt/splunk/etc/apps/MY_APP/bin/" INFO:MyAppPlatform :Making request: APIdetailsURI

I'm not getting a single clue why is it happening. Please do help.

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