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TCPOutAutoLB-0 - More than 70% of forwarding destinations have failed

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Hi all,

I have Splunk instance (standalone) which I get the following error:

alt text

On the forwarding server the outputs.conf is OK. Beside that port 9999 is not open.

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Are you using HTTPS? And if so, have the certificates configured for HTTPS been recently updated?

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Hi ! Did you solve the problem? Please tell us how? With vikramyadav's answer below?

In my case, i'm SURE it's not about network connections (they are OK).
In my case it's probably becase i enlarged RAM and CPU capabilities.
Guys could you comment on this?

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You are trying to forward some data, But you are not able to forward your data because your firewall is blocking so you can open your 9999 port.
For Windows click on below link,36451.html

And for Linux click below

If you directly disable your firewall you don't have to follow the above steps, But I won't recommend this step as its harmful.

Thank You.