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Index Detail: Instance page on the DMC not showing any data


As the title says, there is no data on the Index Detail page.

The search results says" Search is waiting for input..." for all the panels.

I had changed the Indexer Server name and hostname to INDEXER from HostABC. However, on the Indexer Detail page, its showing the instance name in dropdown list of only HostABC

Please advise a solution to this.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

hey @damode,

Were you able to solve this problem? If not, and you want to get some immediate help for your question, you should join the 5000+ Splunk users in our public Slack Community chat. People ask each other for immediate help on there daily. You can share your question/link to your post there to see if anyone can take a stab at it.

You first have to request access through Fill out the form, and once you receive the approval email from our Community Manager (usually the approval process may take a couple days), you can access and ask for help in the #general channel.

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