Monitoring Splunk

DBinspect vs rest call


I am running 2 search:


| rest splunk_server=* /services/data/indexes-extended | search title = _internal
| stats max(bucket_dirs.home.warm_bucket_count) by title

| dbinspect index=_internal | search state = warm | stats count

Both are run for all time, why am i getting different count of warm data.

Also, my max warm bucket count is restriceted to 450, while rest api call is giving me a no below this, dbinspect is giving me 2550. How is this possible.

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total number of buckets are depending on how many indexers you have and replication factor.

for example if you have 4 indexers, max total number of buckets would be 450*4.

I have run searches you have shared in my standard alone box. its giving exact same results.


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