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calculate request count and duration in a single summary index

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I'm like to collect two pieces of information from wildfly access logs in a single summary index: the number of average requests per minute by URI and avg/mode/max request duration also by URI.

Here are the pertinent fields logged in each wildfly event:
- _time
- method
- uri
- time_taken
- host

My first query looked like this:

sourcetype=wildfly _logs  |bucket _time span=1m | sistats count request_count avg(time_taken) max(time_taken) mode(time_taken) median(time_taken) by  uri host _time

However, this resulted in a lot of noise because uri in its raw form contains unique query strings. I'm only interested in caclulating time_taken stats for generic uris ( vs

So I try stripping off the query string portion of uri :

 sourcetype=wildfly _logs  |   rex field=uri "^(?<uri_base_url>.+?)\?"|bucket _time span=1m | sistats count as request_count  avg(time_taken) max(time_taken) mode(time_taken) median(time_taken) by  uri_base_url host _time

This doesn't work either b/c request_count is under-counted because of the way I'm stripping off query string.

I know I can achieve what I'm after by splitting this summary search in two queries but it feels like this is something that can be achieved in a single query. Any pointers are appreciated.

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Consider using the URL Toolbox app to parse the uri field for you. It uses an external command rather than rex and probably handles edge cases much better.

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