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What is the meaning of "probable_cause = eventtype" when using anomalydetection command?

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When using the anomalydetection command the probable cause being returned is eventtype? What does this mean? I believe the event type for these events are all the same, yet this is being identified as the reason for the anomaly.


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when I run anomalydetection probable_cause for me is the name of the field that is the outlier.

I'm trying to understand probable_cause_freq, max_freq, and log_Event_prob. The first 2 are [0,1] but the last one is [-21,11] and I can't find detailed documentation on the topic. I've only found \detectinganomalies and the MLTKcheatsheet.

My query is:
|inputcsv test.csv | anomalydetection "STD_A" "STD_B" action=annotate

Thank you!

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