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User id has been disabled is there any option to see private searches?




In my organization a particular user id  has been disabled and is there any drawback on searches or in running environment. for example below.

1. if user has been created any searches and in case id has been disabled and after the disable private searches will be run or not.

2 and is there any option to modify private searches.


Thanks and regards,

Nikhil Dubey

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yes, you can copy the users search directly from there saved search to your own, or another users saved searches.  I do this all the time when users leave.  Once in savedsearches.conf, Copy the search everything after the [NameOfSearch] all the way to the the start of the next [name].  you can put the search in another users savedsearches.conf or in the /etc/apps/search/local/savedsearches.conf  if you want to share it with all users.


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$splunk_home/etc/users/apps (there may be several apps here but there should at least be "search) inside the appropriate app where user would have created search goto /local and read teh savedsearches.conf.


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Hi @sam4nik,

You can check for orphaned knowledge objects and assign them to yourself or somebody in order to enable/edit. Please see the below document; 


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