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Trying to reduce space by reducing splunkd_access.log .4 & .5 as well as web_service.log .


I'm trying to reduce space by reducing splunkd_access.log .4 & .5 as well as web_service.log .4 & .5 .

Doc is clear on metrics.log and I find that item in log.cfg . However this is not an exact match for web_service.log .

I did find an entry
appender.accesslog.maxFileSize=25000000 # default: 25MB (specified in bytes).
appender.accesslog.maxBackupIndex=5 .

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Hi cevyn,

you found the place to change it. You can put log.cfg settings into a local file, log-local.cfg file, residing in the same directory as log.cfg. The settings in log-local.cfg take precedence. And unlike log.cfg, the log-local.cfg file doesn't get overwritten on upgrade.

hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS


Thanks I did not pick up on that from any doc.

Do you have any ideas specifically on web_service.log since it does not seem to be listed in that file at all?

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Maybe I was less than clear first time around because of trying to figure out how to enter the question.

How do I limit number of web_service.log down from 5 to 3? like th instruction for metric logs.
Is this really not documented somewhere?

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