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KV Store - All queries takes 10 seconds to finish



We have a clustered environment with 3 SHC and 2 indexers. We have been using KV Store with great success as an alternative to csv files for lookups. However, we had a DNS issue with one of the indexers and after this the requesting data from the KV Store takes 10.2 seconds regardless of the collection size.

From what I can tell the cluster is healthy and the mongod.log does not show any problems. When I make a request for data from a collection I see the 10 seconds are spent at the same in search log:

01-24-2019 10:37:57.355 INFO  SearchStatusEnforcer - Enforcing disk quota = 10485760000
01-24-2019 10:37:57.355 INFO  PreviewExecutor - Preview Enforcing initialization done
01-24-2019 10:37:58.356 INFO  ReducePhaseExecutor - ReducePhaseExecutor=1 action=PREVIEW
01-24-2019 10:38:07.629 INFO  PreviewExecutor - Stopping preview triggers since search almost finished
01-24-2019 10:38:07.629 INFO  DispatchExecutor - END OPEN: Processor=noop
01-24-2019 10:38:07.635 INFO  ReducePhaseExecutor - Ending phase_1

Is there anyone that have an idea what might be causing this?

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