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Is it possible to schedule the rebuild of an accelerated data model?


Hello everyone,

It recently came to my attention that data coming from a lookup within my accelerated data model was not populating correctly. The symptom was that I was finding blank fields where the lookup data should have been. I managed to resolve this issue by simply rebuilding the model by manually clicking the "rebuild" button. I have no idea why this happened, but I would like to have the opportunity of automatically calling this rebuild function for the model so that I can avoid a re-occurrence in future.

Is there a parameter in datamodels.conf or a search command that I can use to automatically invoke this rebuild function?




I did a search at datamodel.conf and I did not find any command where this can be done automatically, but it seams splunk run a type of correction when identifies the datamodel is not up to date for acceleration function. This is the only attribute I found when I source for rebuild

acceleration.manual_rebuilds =
* ADVANCED: When set to 'true,' this setting prevents outdated summaries from
being rebuilt by the 'summarize' command.
* Normally, during the creation phase, the 'summarize' command automatically
rebuilds summaries that are considered to be out-of-date, such as when the
configuration backing the data model changes.
* The Splunk software considers a summary to be outdated when:
* The data model search stored in its metadata no longer matches its current
data model search.
* The search stored in its metadata cannot be parsed.
* NOTE: If the Splunk software finds a partial summary be outdated, it always
rebuilds that summary so that a bucket summary only has results corresponding to
one datamodel search.
* Defaults to: false

I took this definition from this link


Thanks for taking the time, I appreciate it! I also found that setting and I'm assuming that it's better to be left to the default value of "false". I mean, I think it's better to have Splunk rebuild the summaries.

One thing that I think might fix this problem is to have the lookup configured within the datamodel itself. Right now it is an automatic lookup that is associated to the sourcetype...

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