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Is it possible to alias a command to another one?



So we're slowly moving off of index=java to index=applicationlogs for a few reasons. Is there a way to alias index=java to index=applicationlogs for users?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

No, there is no way to transparently alias without changing existing searches. @cusello's approach is valid. You can also create a macro, for example set_app_index, that resolves to index=java OR index=applicationlogs.
Either way, you will have to update saved searches, reports and dashboards with inline searches to take advantage of the abstraction.

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You can use eventtypes instead of indexes.
In other words:
You have to create an eventtype like the folliwing
Index=java OR index=applicationlogs
And then on your searches use
Eventtype=my_eventtype instead of index= applicationlogs

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