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I have a URL as a value of a field in search results. When I click on the URL, how to enable it to open in a new window?

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I am doing a simple search, and among the fields extracted, I have a URL as value in one of the fields. My requirement is that when I click on this url it should open the link in a new window. Right now, when I click it, it simply adds the value to the search in Splunk.

Based on my reading, there seems to be only one way to do this when in Searching and Reporting App. Create a workflow with an event or a field action for opening a link in a new browser window. Please confirm.

Isn't there any way, I could the open the link directly when I click on the url from the extracted fields side bar in Searching and Reporting App.

I have read about the drilldown feature and its possibilities in a dashboard via the xml, but mine is a simple search, and this url field is not part of any dashboard.

Kindly suggest.


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You will want to use a workflow action to do this:

Creating workflow actions (Splunk Docs)

You can create a workflow action under Settings > Fields > Workflow Actions

They can be applied to the Action menu next to fields, or for the event.

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Thank you for your response, directly clicking of the url value is not possible. Is that correct?


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The best way to reduce repetitive work is by using workflow.
For such condition you need to use get workflow.
Setting > Fields > Workflow Action.
Here you need to specify
Destination App:
Label for URL:
Apply Fields name :
Show Action in :
Action Type : (Give Link here)
Open in : New Window
Link Method : Get

Hope it helps...!!!

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