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How to filter a field with multiple values for a key via


I am able to fetch data using filter as query=json.dumps({'status': 'Fixed'})
But, am not able to filter data for multiple values.
Its either giving data for only one of the two values or not giving data at all or giving some kind of an error.
I want to do something like query=json.dumps({'status': ['Fixed', 'New']})


import json
import splunklib.client as client
service = client.connect(
host='xxxx', port=xxxx, username='xxxx', password='xxxxx', owner='xxxxx', app='xxxx')
collection = service.kvstore['xxxx']
response =********) --> pass a query here

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You can use the "$or" or "$and" operator in your json query, here is an example that worked for me:

query = json.dumps({"$or":[{"id": "X354" },{"id":"Y762"}]})
data = =query) 

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