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How to edit my search to create a summary index?

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I am trying to make a summary index for data in April 2014.

Using the current default search and joins, and to query more than 25 GB of data takes more than 35 seconds of time.

I want to use a summary index to reduce the amount of time used in the search.

index=mail-bak sourcetype=MiMailData earliest="04/01/2014:00:00:00" latest="04/30/2014:24:00:00" MailType=0 OR MailType=1 OR MailType=2 | where isnull(MailCc)
| join MailUID [search index=vpn sourcetype=accesslog earliest="05/01/2014:00:00:00" latest="05/01/2014:24:00:00" | stats count as VpnAccessCount by USER_ID | eval MailUID = USER_ID ] 
| eval testYn = if( match( MailTo , MailFrom ), "Y", "N")
| eval testYn2 = if( match( MailTo , ","), "Y", "N") | search testYn = "Y" AND testYn2 = "N" 
| stats count as SendWeekCount by MailUID VpnAccessCount | rename MailUID as MailTo
| table MailTo SendWeekCount VpnAccessCount

Where's the part that is included in the search command?

What time zone settings?

In addition to setting the part?

Answer please. Thank you.

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I think this is what you are looking for:

You add "| collect index="mysummaryindex" to the end of your search.

Time zone is the server's time zone by default. This is often GMT but you can do index=* | head 1 | table _time and compare it to your current (local) time to find out.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Have you evaluated report acceleration vs. summary indexing? See Overview of summary-based search and pivot acceleration in the Knowledge Manager Manual for more information.

For instructions about the reporting commands that populate a summary index, such as sistats, as well as other background information you can use to determine whether a summary index is what you need, see Use summary indexing for increased reporting efficiency, also in the Knowledge Manager Manual.

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