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Expire Summary Indexing Information



I am setting up summary indexing for period of 5min, weekly and monthly. Here is how I want it to be implemented.

Every Five minutes a schedule search will run and calculate the results for past 5minutes. After one week I would to expire these results and trigger another search that will search for the whole previous week. An after one month i would like to expire the weekly results and trigger another search for past whole month.

So a user can access 5 min data for the past week and weekly data for the previous week and monthly data before last month.

How will I implement this ?

Thanks in Advance.

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Re: Expire Summary Indexing Information


Create a summary index for each set;

summary5min (Retention policy, 1 week)

summary1week (Retention policy 1 month)

summary1month (Retention policy ??? )

every 5 min scheduled saerch is indexed to summary5min

every week schduled saerch is indexed to summary1week

every month scheduled search is indexed to summary1month

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