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Editing macro is giving a 404 error

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When I tried to edit a macro in Settings\all Settings it is giving a 404

alt text

It seems the generated URL usees ../data/.. it should be ../admin/ , is there any way to fix the render url to use the /admin/ instead of /data/?


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I have faced the issue on many occasions. Earlier I used to bang my head facing this issue as it never allows to edit the macro seamlessly. This seems like an issue with App Permissions. But, now I never jump to 'All Configurations' windows and search the Macro there, instead I visit Advanced Search >> Macros.

What I assume, when we jump to Advanced Setting from the Current app, it sets the context of the app which is selected and if the macro has permissions restricted to a particular app, Splunk will not let you edit the configuration.

So, I always prefer, Advanced Search >> Macros way.


Doesn't fix the bug, but accessing via settings -> advanced search -> search macros works for editing macros.

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