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Accelerated search results not updating for delete data

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I have some saved accelerated searches that generated graphs that are displayed on some of our reports to alert users of gaps and overlap in summary indexes used to generate the results of their queries. As gaps are later filled in, the gaps in the graphed accelerated search are also filled in. However, when overlap is deleted, the data points in the graph don't drop when the data behind them is no longer there.

It appears that accelerated searches only fill gaps when data changes but they don't remove results from data later deleted. Is this so?

If so, Is there some other method (easier than scheduled searches filling summary indexes) that can be used to quickly (in seconds) make gaps and overlaps in summary indexes obviously visible?

The quickest I've found so far is to do a query like this:

index=*-hourly | timechart minspan=1h dc(info_search_time) by source

However, this is still way too slow without using acceleration. And when I use acceleration, overlaps remain in the results of this query even after they are deleted from the summary indexes.

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Deleting data from an index does not impact accelerated search results. In order to get the accelerated search results to update, acceleration must be removed from the search and then added back to the search.


Since you're familiar with summary indexes: Acceleration is basically summary indexing with a different format. As all Splunk processes, it assumes that data is immutable. I think your solution is the only way to do this.

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