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Hi All,

I have around 15 years of IT experience (8 yrs as Infrastructure monitoring tools engineer with HPOV, BMC IBM Tivoli engineer/ITIL incident and change mgmt and 5 yrs as Splunker, and 2 yrs on sabbatical leaves (i like to work for 9 months and take 3 months sabbatical vacation) 😉

Keenly interested in architecting and deploying Splunk, and operations management of large Splunk projects. i have 3 yrs US and 9 months Singapore onshore exposure. 

I expertise in Onshore-Offshore operations support processes and team management models. i do good customizing Splunk for Monitoring, Application Management, and Security as per customer requirements and industry best practice.

I like to help and am decently creative 😉 also I'm a frequent reply-er to our great answers/community. 

Also, you can check my linkedin page -


Happy Splunking!

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Hi.. As i am reading my intro, i got this doubt.. 

What certifications would you suggest to a "Splunk enterprise admin" who will be shifting to "Splunk ES Admin" role / as Cyber Security Engineer roles. Thanks for your suggestions and help.

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