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Introduction: Charlie "teddybear" Huggard, Splunk Inc



I happened upon this new section of the community site, so might as well start the posting to it @bjennewein... 

I'm Charlie Huggard, and I've been a Splunk user and admin from around 2013. In addition to participating on answers and IRC now Slack (I'm teddybfez there), I helped start the Kansas City Splunk User Group and have maintained a side project called The Splunk Gallery for collecting stories around Splunk and Splunk Swag. I was a member of the SplunkTrust every year starting when it began in 2015, until I became an Employee of Splunk in January 2019 (Employees are technically only able to be honorary members of the SplunkTrust).

As an employee, I am on a team that helps Splunk's own IT and Security groups leverage SplunkCloud and other Splunk products for Splunk's own benefit, along with a number of other awesome former customers, turned employees (whom I'll let make their own introductions). After becoming an employee, in addition to my day job, I've been able to help with Boss of the SOC, I was fortunate to be part of the Meet the Doers series on Splunk Blogs, and I made an appearance on a SplunkTalk podcast... and I also rounded up the Kansas City Splunk Employees for a fun bet with Doug Merritt and the rest of San Francisco based Executive Staff on the SuperBowl... which you know how that turned out.

... But I really am a big teddy bear once you get to know me. (Says so on my business card, and you can probably guess my email alias too ). 

I am a Splunk Teddy Bear, AMA.

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