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Introduction: Archie Crozier, Micron Technology, Inc.


While reviewing the Welcome to the Splunk Community and the Splunk Community Guidelines, I stumbled onto the Intro topic and decided, "Hey, this is a good a place as any to start."

はじめまして (hajimema**bleep**e)

My name is Archie Crozier and I am a ☠️ pirate ☠️ at heart.  More the romanticized Pirates of the Caribbean, and less the Somali pirates (Jack Sparrow is one of my heroes).

I have been working for Micron Technology, Inc. out of Lehi, Utah since fall of 2006 (previously known as IM Flash Technology, Inc.).  I have been Splunking since 2017 and simply love the ease and flexibility of the Splunk environment.  I am a long time visitor to the Splunk Community boards, but I have not taken an active role in the Community.  I hope to change that and be a bit more active as time allows.

I would like to add that the Splunk Community boards has been a life-save for me as I work through difficult problems.  While I don't like to see anyone struggle, it is reassuring to know that many of you have experienced the same difficulties and problems.  And it gives me hope to see how many of you have found answers to those problems.

Thank you,

よろしくお願いします (yoroshiku onegaishimasu)

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