"Change Administrators group membership on each host" section of installation manual removes local administration

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There is a particular section of the Splunk configuration/installation manual titled Change Administrators group membership on each host that I am having an issue with.  It states:


“Confirm that all accounts that need access to the Administrators group on each host have been added to the Restricted

Groups policy setting. Failure to do so can result in losing administrative access to the hosts on which you apply this



However, implementing this results in removing any local admin privileges for local accounts on our client machines.  Therefore, I have the following questions:


1)      Am I misunderstanding the quoted text?  This seems like the intention of implementing this section should prevent exactly what is happening to us, which is the removal of local administration privileges. 

2)      In either case to the answer for question 1: For our purposes, it is vital that we have at least one local account with admin privileges on each computer. Is it required that the Splunk Access GPO removes administration privileges from local accounts, or is this just a step that would normally improve security on a network in general?

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