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I am currently using the free license version and have worked on enterprise version before, I was wondering if I switch to enterprise license, is it alright if I could use the same enterprise license for two separate instances? I would like to keep one for production and the other for staging environment strictly. Not sure if this is allowed, because I did read that for each instance a separate license is required, but since these two instances would be completely independent for monitoring purpose and wouldnt be having any kind of distributed searches running amongst them as well, I was a little confused

The desired architecture would be

ProductionIndexer -->Set of ForwarderXseries

StagingIndexer--->Set of ForwarderYseries

The two Indexers should be working fine with enterprise license with the forwarders from what I feel, but wanted to verify if this complies to Splunk Licensing terms and regulations


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It doesn't. You should check with your sales team for specifics.