Your Splunk license expired or you have exceeded your license limit too many times.

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I'm trying to use Splunk Enterprise at my company and I get this error about my splunk license. Our company is licensed, so I'm wondering if Splunk is somehow looking at my work PC/personal license instead of the company license? How do I remove any trial versions of splunk from my PC? I was never able to install the trial on my personal computer at work, and I'm concerned that part of the install is left over and confusing the license information.

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All the Splunk Enterprise comes with trial license version for 60 days. After this evaluation period, those messages are shown. If you want to remove those messages, you have two options:
1 - connect your instance to Splunk License Master from your company
2 - Purchase a license for your personal splunk box

Note: If you select the option 1, please carefully about the data your are sending to this instance, because all the data that you indexed in your personal box will count against the company license, and maybe you can reach the day capacity license.

Please read this document where you can have more details about how splunk is being licensing.

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