Why is splunkd no longer working and displays 500 Internal Error after updating the IP from docs?

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Unless I missed something here, I changed the splunk-launch.conf to append with SPLUNK_BINDIP and web.conf with the mgmtHostPort, but I am getting an unusual message upon logon below:

500 Internal Server Error

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You are using, which is connected to splunkd @000 at on Thu Dec 8 13:33:33 2016.
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I ran into a similar issue however the culprit was Active Directory LDAP authentication - service account was locked out. Once unlocked I was able to log in with no 500 Internal Error being displayed.

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i got the same error, after making those changes and now is not working .. any help?

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add to whitelist in your output.conf like this:


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Did you miss .conf21 Virtual?

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