Where is the "TA genesys cloud" ?


Hello, good day team! How are you?

I did the download and instalation for this app but I can't found the "TA genesys cloud", where can I download it? The TA lives in another repository? Please, could you help me to get this TA please?

If currently the TA doesn't lives in the Splunkbase, could you send me the TA via email please?

Regards in advance!

Carlos Martínez.

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For some reason it is not on Splunkbase. I could only find the .SPL files in a git repository at for TA_genesys_cloud-1.0.*.spl

EDIT: As PickleRick suggested, when you get third-party hosted applications like the one linked, you have no protections as would be offered by appinspect. It is highly recommended to check the contents for malicious code before installing it on your machine.

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I would be very cautious about such third-party hosted extensions.

Even in case of Splunkbase-originating add-ons not written and supported by Splunk I tend to dig into an app and peek around the code before installing (and boy, there are some "interesting" ones; luckily I haven't found anything malicious yet but some badly written python code - why not). And this one is not even hosted on Splunkbase which means it didn't even pass appinspect.

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