What steps must I complete to renew my developer license?


I have a splunk developer license that I have renewed a total of 3 times now. It is set to expire on the 23rd (in 5 days), and I just wanted to get it renewed before it ran out, because I am bringing in data. I fear I might not be able to search once the license expires and I violate the 500mb a day limit. I applied over a week ago, and I have gotten no response.

Anyone know why the delay might be happening? Is there anything else I need to do to renew my develop license?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hey @sunnyd, I just asked around a few teams for more info and it looks like a message might've been sent to you. Can you check your spam folder? I was told the normal turnaround time is ~2 business days. If you haven't heard back within that time and you've checked your spam folder then you should reach out to 🙂