What are the prerequisites and things to know before moving to Splunk cloud from on-prem environment?


Is there a good document or a write up to address the following questions.

1) Dedicated Splunk AWS account to allow multiple datacenters and affiliates to send their data to it
2) Management and deployment of certificates and agent passwords
3) Instance types required for each Splunk component based
4) Other considerations?

Any kind of documents would be helpful

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@vrmandadi Are you talking about migrating splunk on-premnise to AWS instances or to Splunk cloud?

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You need a special forwarder/config to send data in.
You will no longer be able to deploy apps yourself and some apps will be forbidden permanently.
Sending data in is cheap but if you ever decide to migrate significant data out, there is a stiff surcharge.
Splunk will decide when and if you need more resources/CPU/speed/disk whatever.
Splunk will decide if and when you will be upgrading anything.
You will get new features, including doughnut releases first (sometimes good, sometimes very bad).

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Thank You for your reply @woodcock .So most of the things is done by Professional Splunk team.What are things that I need to take care or decide for this migration to occur and is there any kind of document

Lastly , what do you mean by special forwarder .How is this configured

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

See for information about the Splunk Cloud credentials file you need for the universal forwarder.

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