Splunk won't start


I installed Splunk on a Windows 7 computer and when I click on the shortcut, nothing happens. It appears to be installed correctly so I'm not sure why it won't run.

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check your permission

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Hi I have installed splunk when navigated to http://localhost:8000/ it says 404 not found error
No splunkd.log or .exe files found.
Please advise

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try like this in your windows C drive

cd C:\Program Files\Splunk\bin

and then...
splunk start


Hello anyone from the future. harishalipaka has the correct answer about what to do in this situation (above). Was experiencing a similar issue where my Splunk Universal Forwarder wouldn't start through services.msc and wouldn't generate logs (in Windows Event Viewer or splunkd.log).

By navigating to /bin and restarting manually, Splunk generated logs in /var/log/splunk and I was able to see what the problem was.

Thanks, harishalipaka!

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Is the splunk service running? If not try starting both the "Splunk" and "Splunk Web" services.

If these are both running, try opening a browser window to http://localhost:8000/

If splunkd.exe is still not running, check in your splunk install folder for the following path: %SPLUNK_HOME%\var\logs\splunk. You should see several logs files. Take a look at the end of splunkd.log and also look at any *crash* log files exist. If you see any errors here, then try updating adding to your question any additional info that you find from these log files.

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@jriley in addition to this you can try to start the service from Powershell. If you launch powershell as an admin and then cd in to your install directory...
cd C:\Program Files\Splunk\bin

and then...
.\splunk start

that should get your splunk service running.

Let me know if that helped.

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