Splunk upgrade 6.5.2 to 7.3.4

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Hi team!

If I want to update 6.5.2 to 7.3.4 can I do it directly? Or I have to do an extra step?

Exists a path route?

I have 1 Cluster + Deployer | 2 indexers | 3 search head | 1 HF

Thank you!

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Re: Splunk upgrade 6.5.2 to 7.3.4


Hi @christianubeda,
Upgrades to Splunk Enterprise and Universal Forwarders version 7.3 require the existing installation to be version 6.6.x or higher. If the existing installation is version 6.5.x or lower, then you must upgrade to version 6.6.x as an intermediate step.

Here you can find all the infos you need

Follow specific instructions to upgrade clusters

Anyway, the steps of the roles are the following:

  • Master Node
  • Deployer
  • Search Heads
  • Indexers
  • Heavy Forwarders
  • Universal Forwarders


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Re: Splunk upgrade 6.5.2 to 7.3.4

Hi @christianubeda ,

Answer given by @gcusello is absolutely correct. I would like to add something to it.

If there is no specific reason or feature that you are looking in 7.3.4 than you can directly upgrade from 6.5.2 to
In this case you don't have to any other version as intermediate step.

In the docs, version is not mentioned, but you can download it from Older Versions.
Splunk is just an minor upgrade to 7.2.9 with date & time format fix for 2020.

You can check the below links for reference,

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happy splunking........!!!

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