Splunk Cloud and Enterprise versioning mapping


Our Prod Splunk Cloud was recently upgraded to , while our on-prem DEV and QA environments were upgraded to slightly different version: .  We believed that there should not be a significant  difference between the versions and didn't test the one we were upgrading our cloud environment to.              As a result we experienced a production issue with handling .js & .css scripts due to the difference in versions, which we had to resolve right on the day of the upgrade.   

Right now we are in process to prepare the  upgrade our Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise to version 8 and we want to prevent issues we experienced due the lack of testing of the right versions.  Splunk now has different versioning for Cloud and Enterprise. For Cloud it is 8.0.2001, 8.0.2004, etc . For Enterprise  - 8.0.1, 8.0.2 ,, etc. 

We are working with our Splunk support team to figure out how Cloud and Enterprise versions correspond between each other, so we can run better tests. But I  thought  I should ask here too.

Are there any official Splunk documentations online about mapping between Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise versions?

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I believe there is no published mapping. Go to to request one.
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@richgalloway , thank you for the idea. 
The idea needs to get certain amount of votes to get attention from Splunk. I believe my questions won't get the required number. 

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