Secondary license master server setup


Is there a possibility to implement a high-availability concept in Splunk License master server?

Scenario: when the Splunk license master server goes DOWN/UNREACHABLE, Splunk indexers & forwarders connected to the master servers are orphaned (if >24hrs down), where if the secondary license master is there, which can supplement this.

No violation in license usage. Usage calculation per daily basis should be based on primary.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated.


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Hi chimbudp,

First to answer your question: no, this is still not possible....
But, since Splunk 6.0.5 the time range was expanded. Now a days the license master can be down 72 hours before you get a violation:

From the docs

About the connection between the license master and license slaves
When you configure a license master instance and add license slaves to it, the license slaves communicate their usage to the license master every minute. If the license master is down or unreachable for any reason, the license slave starts a 72 hour timer. If the license slave cannot reach the license master for 72 hours, search is blocked on the license slave (although indexing continues). Users will not be able to search data in the indexes on the license slave until that slave can reach the license master again.

This will give you plenty of time to follow this instruction and replace the license master with a new server or preferably a VM which you of course did a snapshot before the old one crashed / died 😉

Hope this helps ...

cheers, MuS

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