Rebuild 4.1 Bucket in 4.2



So I have tried:

./splunk _internal call /data/indexes/main/rebuild-metadata-and-manifests

in a 4.2.3 instance but a whole lot of XML goes flying by and nothing seems to happen.

Looking at index health I see many thawed buckets but with an event count of 0!

I did manage to rebuild the 4.2 buckets. This instance was upgraded from 4.7.1 hence the bucket mix.

Please help!!!

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Re: Rebuild 4.1 Bucket in 4.2


Me being stupid as usual.

This was not so clear to me.
You have to uncompress ALL of the *.gz files in the bucket and rawdata/.
I thought that if the bucket itself was compressed what this instruction was alluding to.

2. If the bucket was compressed when originally archived, uncompress the contents in the thawed directory.

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