Option for default Mac (MacOS, OS X) home/end/page-up/page-down keyboard behavior?


Is there a way to get the default Mac keyboard behaviors for home/end/page-up/page-down when editing SPL or dashboard source text in Splunk?

The default behavior in MacOS (OS X) is:

  • Home/End: These scroll the view to the top or the bottom of the text editing box. They do not move the insertion point.
  • Page-Up/Page-Down: These scroll the view up or down one page at a time in the text editing box. They do not move the insertion point.

Likewise, the default behavior on the Mac to move the insertion point (or text cursor) is:

  • Command-Left Arrow: Move to the beginning of the text line.
  • Command-Right Arrow: Move to the end of the text line.
  • Command-Up Arrow: Move to the very beginning of the entire text block.
  • Command-Down Arrow: Move to the very end of the entire text block.

Does Splunk have a setting somewhere to get these default Mac keyboard shortcuts?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee


We currently do not have a way to change the default keyboard shortcuts. Some of the keyboard shortcuts are the same as the default mac shortcuts. You can see exactly what keyboard shortcuts are in Splunk here:

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