Migrating Splunk to new server and upgrading it, but with a different hostname?



I am trying to migrate my current Splunk server to a new server and upgrade it as well.

I have already done the following:
1. backup the $SPLUNKHOME directory
2. installed a fresh new version of Splunk 7.0.1 in a new server (running 6.3.3 currently in current server)
3. transferred over current Splunk indexed data and configs **$SPLUNK
HOME/var/lib/splunk/defaultdb** and $SPLUNK_HOME/etc to the new server

I am able to see the apps, however the search doesn't load at all and so does the other apps. I have a new hostname for the new server, could that be the case as to why all the apps doesn't load?

Could anyone help me understand what are the files that needs to be edited in order to get all my indexed data and apps back?

Thank you in advance! 🙂

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You probably overwrote some of the 7.0 settings with 6.3.3 ones, breaking splunk. The correct procedure would be to move the entire $SPLUNK_HOME to the new server, and then upgrade to 7.0.1 (