LMStackMgr - resetting slave warnings for master slave list

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I was looking at my splunkd.log file and noticed that this line was being written to the log file once per second. What is the cause of this? I assume it's not normal behavior. Also every few seconds I see a message about "LMSlaveInfo - Detected that masterTimeFromSlave < lastRolloverTime, meaning that the master has already rolled over. Ignoring slave persisted usage." Splunk4Life!


This error gets logged in a distributed environment when the license.slave server tries to contact his license.master and the license info has already rolled over. Or on the license.master if the time on the license.master server is set behind the license.slave, as it should manage the roll over time for itself and the slave(s).


Typical issues are timezone issues [license.slave(s) not being on the same time as license.master] or communication or the clocks not being set correctly.