Issue installing forwarder in the freebsd 13.3

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Has any one seen this issue while installing the splunk forwarder in the Freebsd 13.3 ? or any idea why we are getting this ? I am trying to install the splunk forwarder 9.0.2.


This appears to be your first time running this version of Splunk.


Splunk software must create an administrator account during startup. Otherwise, you cannot log in.

Create credentials for the administrator account.

Characters do not appear on the screen when you type in credentials.


Please enter an administrator username: admin

ERROR: pid 18277 terminated with signal 11 (core dumped)

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Loves-to-Learn Lots

Thankyou for the answer

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Check you have created a local account splunk , group folder and set the correct permissions, ensure you follow the steps here. 

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