Is there a shortcut to configuring a multi site cluster without having to configure a single site cluster first?

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Hello going through documentation on how to deploy a multi site index cluster. 

The documentation on the course though suggests completing the installation in this order

License Master
Cluster Master
Search Head
Link them all together to a single site cluster. 

It then suggests to complete a multi site cluster with the following commands

./splunk edit cluster-config -mode manager -multisite true -site site1 -available_sites site1,site2 -site_replication_factor origin:1,total:2 -site_search_factor origin:1,total:2 -replication_factor 1 -search_factor 1 -secret idxcluster

./splunk edit cluster-config -site site1
./splunk restart
./splunk edit cluster-config -site site1
./splunk restart

Anyway, my question is, is there a short cut to configuring a multi site cluster without having to configure a single site cluster first and then moving to a multi site cluster?
And if there is, what is the commands? 

Many thanks 

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Hi @willsy ,

You can build a MultiSite Splunk Indexer Cluster without migrating from single site:

The Splunk Cluster admin class takes this path so as to demonstrate the process, but also to make good use of the Splunk environment given to you during training.  Instead of deletiing all the config after your single site labs and starting again, you migrate to multisite, which raises some issues around single site buckets ect.

There is no need to build a single site first, go straight to multisite using the link above.

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Cheers thank you for the link.

For some reason I couldn't find it.

Much appreciated this is what I'm after. 

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