Is there a concise guide for migrating an ITSI search head to a search head cluster?

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I looked at the install guide for ITSI into a SHC as well as a doc for migrating from a single search head to a SHC. However, trying to parse together the steps and being successful has been problematic.

I've searched a ton and been unable to find a doc that addresses this specific use case. It doesn't seem like it would be a unique scenario. Can anyone point me to a guide for accomplishing this migration?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I reached out to one of the SME's for this product and they stated that there isn't a document which covers the process. It is typically handled by Professional Services due to the complexity which includes migrating the KVStore.

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csprice, we are actively looking to migrate this scenario as well and running into similar challenges. We've engaged Splunk support/PS to help; I'll be happy to let you know what we find out! If you learn anything new in the meantime, can you please let me know?

Thank you!

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Alright, I've had some limited success with regard to this issue.

The steps I've completed are as follows:
- build the SHC (this is the easy part)
- ensured /local configurations were maintained across original and new (authentication, authorization, etc)
- used the process detailed here: This got some of the config across, but my KPI's weren't appearing
- finally used: (this, as noted by the name, allows you to backup the kvstore and move it to the new cluster)

I'm still fighting a couple things (glass tables are not showing up on the new cluster) but I'm close. Hopefully this gives someone a point in the right direction.

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