IT essentials Work remove unneeded components



I have a question about installing and configuring IT Essentials Works 4.11.3 and removing some of the out of the box functions in a windows environment.


We currently have Splunk running on a windows 2012 server that is being decommissioned.  So we are looking at moving it to a new MS 2019 server.

One of the apps we used in the past was Windows add on infrastructure and we noticed that it has been "decommissioned"  for lack of a better word and replaced with IT essentials works.

We noticed after installing the add-on there were many functions that out of the box we will never need, eg: VMWare, Nix, etc....   We wish to focus on the Windows components of IT essentials and remove the rest. 

Because of the many components of IT essentials ( eg: DA_ITSI_EUEM.... DA_ITSI_LB....  SA_ITSI_ATSA.... etc)

It is unclear what is the best approach to remove the unnecessary components.

We were unable to find any data online or in the answers as to how to best approach this.

Any information that can be provided would be beneficial

Thank you


Is there anyone that has edited the IT essentials add on to use just what they need and remove the unnecessary components for efficiency?


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