How to migrate data from a 6.2.0 Splunk instance to a new instance on 6.4.1?


Hi guys,

I have to migrate the data from a Splunk instance (Version 6.2.0) to an another one (Version 6.4.1). Thus, I was wondering if I had to upgrade the old Splunk instance first and then migrate it to the new one, or can I just copy the SPLUNK_HOME directory in the new instance and install the last version?
Regarding the upgrade, does the upgrade imply the loss of every Splunk's data?
Besides, does anybody know the process to upgrade Splunk Enterprise from a version to another one?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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THanks for your answer, Does that mean I can copy the whole Splunk directory from my old intance and copy it on the Virtual Machine I will install the latest version of Splunk afterwards ?

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The whole idea is that the upgrade is done by installing the new version "on top" of the existing one.

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