How can I re-enable Splunk searches when there is a license violation?


Hi all,

I have recently installed Splunk and had the trial license. After a long weekend, I returned to find the trial license had expired and I had accrued a total of four warnings thereby disabling the search capability. I have converted to a free license but it appears I will not be able to perform searches for the next 25 days, when the warnings start to expire.

Can anyone suggest a way to re-enable Splunk searches and to clear the license violation? It is not a case that I had indexed more than 500MB, I just hadn't switched to the free version in time!


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How long is the " violation out " period ?

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The only way to clear a violation is to either apply a reset license from Splunk support, to wait the violation out or to re-install the free version.
As it is a free version you aren't really going to be able to get a reset license so your options are to either wait it out or to simply re-install Splunk and switch to the free version after install.

Doing it that way you could migrate your buckets out and then back into the new install to keep all your original data

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Hi Draineh,

Thanks for the quick response. I suspected that would be the case but hoped for a better solution.

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