Changing the owner of the splunk universal forwarder to a non-root user

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We have remote linux servers with universal forwarders already installed by root, we are not admin of these servers and we don't even have a user for us to connect on these servers either. We would like to be able to access the servers as basic users, for instance with a "splunk" user, manage the forwarder configuration and use the splunk command lines (splunk start/restart/btool etc...) with this user, without requiring admin rights.

How can we achieve that ?

I guess we first need the "splunk" user to be created on the servers with a password so that we can at least access the machines.

Then do we just need to change the boot-start configuration and the owner of the forwarder file system ?

/opt/splunk/splunkforwarder/bin/splunk enable boot-start -user splunk
chown -R splunk /opt/splunk/splunkforwarder

 And now we should be able to manipulate the forwarder as we want without admin rights, right ?

We wish we had a spare linux server to test this on but sadly we don't have any means to do this...

Thank you for your help !

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Hi @performancemoni ,

did you already seen this:

I have only one hint for you: before start, check if the splunk user can access all the files to monitor and execute all the scripts you have.



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