Adding license with different expiration date from existing license

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I have licenses in Splunk that expire on a given date. I want to renew them but only 80% of them with a renewed date of one year ahead, and 20% with expiration date of only a few months ahead. I/e/ extend that only for a few months. Is that possible?
Example: Currently I have
80GB license expires May 31 2020
20GB license expires May 31 2020

I want to renew as follows:
80GB license expiring May 30 2021
20Gb license expiring Jul 31 2020. After that date, I will only have 80GB remaining

Is that possible?

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Yes it is pretty much possible to put two licence with the different expiry date. Just upload it normally. It will create a stack with the new one. No extra configuration is needed.

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You should contact your Splunk account rep about that.

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