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warning in my indexer received event for unconfigured/disabled index


I recieve syslog feed to my heavy forwader . From there the data is forwarder to my Indexer.

And in my indexer i want my received data to be indexed in index=syslog.

Heavy Forwarder configuration



connection_host = X.X.X.X

index = syslog_index

sourcetype = syslog_st

and Configuration in my indexer is :



index = syslog

sourcetype = syslog_feed

But i am getting a warning in my indexer as

received event for unconfigured/disabled index='syslog_index' with source='source::udp:514' host='host::X.X.X.X' sourcetype='sourcetype::syslog_st' (1 missing total)

why is it still trying to put the forwarded data to index=syslog_index whereas i mentioned in my indexer to index data into index=syslog

Could any one please help?

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Path Finder

Heavy forwarder does events parsing, which means you cannot change the index name on the indexer side (the "index=syslog" part on the indexer is ignored).
You should switch the Heavy Forwarder with a Universal Forwarder to move the parsing logic to the indexer.
Another option is to set the "sendCookedData=false" parameter in the output.conf in the HF to tell Splunk to send RAW unparsed data.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Why are you setting index = syslog_index in the first place? Just set index=syslog no? In any case, if it's a heavyweight forwarder, all the parsing has already been done which is why the Indexer is ignoring your configuration.


The reason i have different index names is that from heavy forwarder i have to filter data to be sent to different indexes (1 to hold user auth data and other to hold payload data) in indexer depending on some regex.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

There is still somewhere a forwarder configured to send to this syslog_index.
Can you check :

  • all the inputs.conf on all the forwarders
  • all the props.conf/transforms.conf on the indexer and heavyforwarders (in case another transforms remains)

use the btool command to make sure, and search for the keyword syslog_indx in the outputs

./splunk cmd btool inputs list --debug
./splunk cmd btool props list --debug

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I have only one heavy forwarder pushing data to 2 indexers.
And in that heavy forwarder
the conf is same as in my post above. and both indexers have configuration as mentioned above in post.

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