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snmp error "Failed to register transport and run dispatcher Permission denied snmp_stanza:snmp://cisco_prime"


Getting error in HF :
User : splunk have rwx to the snmp_ta app. I am not sure what is the issue here. the team configured to host and port.

message from "python SPLUNK_HOME/splunk/etc/apps/snmp_ta/bin/" Failed to register transport and run dispatcher: bind() for (u'*', *) failed: [Errno 13] Permission denied snmp_stanza:snmp://cisco_prime

Any help is appreciated.


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I think your issue is mainly due to port associated with snmp.

Splunk user does NOT normally have access to operate ports below 1024.
Check inputs.conf, whether the trap port is set to a value below 1024.

If so re-assign a free port in range of 80**
Modify input.conf in the apps local and assign trap_port = 80**

Please let us know whether this helped or not.

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