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" An error occurred while receiving. The exception is KeyError('records')" while collecting event hub data


The EventHub input is throwing error while trying to collect eventhub data from Microsoft Azure. The Microsoft Cloud Services addon is installed on a Heavy Forwarder and is supposed to send data to the SH.
Following is a snippet of error :

2021-08-06 10:28:23,488 level=WARNING pid=1876189 tid=Thread-1 logger=azure.eventhub._eventprocessor.event_processor | EventProcessor instance '605f0c65-227a-435c-8a26-4018c4a498a6' of eventhub 'xyz' partition '1' consumer group 'abc'. An error occurred while receiving. The exception is KeyError('records').

We have double-checked all the access and permissions that are specified in the addon doc.

I'm not sure if this error is due to permission issue or data format.

Has anyone else faced the same issue with the addon?

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