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keep original sourcetype in summary index


I have multiple scheduled searches that run on large indexes and save the results to a summary index. There is no aggregation in the searches, only filtering. An example search would be something like "index=http".

My problem is that when I save the search to the summary index the sourcetype is changed to "stash". I would like to keep the old sourcetype. Is there a way to tell Splunk to keep the original sourcetype?

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Summary Indexing by default change the sourcetype to stash. This is how splunk knows that data is already in splunk and your summary data will not be account for your additional license.
You can change the sourcetype, but remember the data will go against your license.
I guess one of the practices is to re-use the source field and set it to sourcetype for summary indexes.
For example :
index=xyz result=success | stats count .... | collect index=summary source=sourcetype

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Path Finder

A workaround for this could be simply doing something like this

index=http | eval orig_sourcetype=sourcetype


This does not work for me either. I posted a question about it yesterday. any use of the collect command throws your stuff into "stash". How convenient.

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This does not seem to work for me. No matter what I do I can't get the Splunk to use the orgin sourcetype when reading from the summary index.

This is the command that is stored in Manager » Searches and reports » View Recent » "latest" :

index="pdns" | search "google" | eval orig_sourcetype=sourcetype | summaryindex spool=t uselb=t addtime=t index="testalarms" file="google_645699260.stash_new" name="google" marker=""

I have also tried updating props.conf:

sourcetype = pdns2


sourcetype = pdns2
priority = 101

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