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inputlookup not working from CLI search, but works from GUI on deployment server?

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So I'm trying to setup a search that returns the hostname of the missing forwarders to use in a BladeLogic automation job. To do so we generally run a CLI search, and use the returned rows to run a job against. Sounds easy enough.

I go into the monitoring console section, look at the forwarder deployment, and select the "missing" status link and get the query. I can filter that down to just the forwarders that are missing. Works in the GUI just fine. But when I try this from the CLI (on the same host), then query fails with this strange message.

$ /opt/splunk/bin/splunk search "| inputlookup dmc_forwarder_assets | search status=missing"
WARN: The lookup table 'dmc_forwarder_assets' is invalid.

Help? Anyone? Driving me c-r-a-z-y!!!

Running Splunk Enterprise v7.1

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appears to be global. CLI based search still not working. Am I missing something?

alt text

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What's the sharing permission of the lookup table file/lookup definition dmc_forwarder_assets. If it's not global then you need to include the app under which the looukp is created in the -app parameter in your CLI search.

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